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In IMPACT creation screen, helper text needs to be added to fidelity metric

When I am creating an IMPACT report, I have to enter a fidelity metric (or leave at 0). 


In every Utah LEA workshop last week, there was a lot of confusion about how to make sure the number was correct. We had to explain in detail that participants need to extrapolate out however many weeks to come up with the real fidelity number. 


Example: Dreambox Learning's fidelity/dosage amount is 5 lessons per week (5). 

I am analyzing 10 weeks' of data. 


5 lessons per week x 10 = 50


50 is the real fidelity metric, but there is no way for people to know this unless specifically coached through it. Every time we got to this in a workshop, we had to stop and take time to explain it. Either it needs to be calculated automatically based on the time entered, or there needs much clearer explanation and example at that point in the IMPACT creation process.  


Please let me know if this doesn't make sense! 

  • Amanda Cadran
  • Nov 19 2017
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