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Org admins need to be able to see the products their teachers have added to their libraries (more easily)

Somewhere from the admin console, it would be helpful for org admins to click on a teacher's name (perhaps in the community tab for admins) and either be taken to that person's public profile (if turned on) or see a list of the products that teacher has graded/added to a personal library. 


If admins are asking teachers to build out a library, grade products, etc. it would be important for them to check on that without having to go back to their home page, then My Community, etc. 


This could be done w/out grades attached if we still want to keep that anonymity, although admins I am sure would love to see the grades. Please let me know if this isn't clearly worded! 

(Coming from Franklin McKinley, Portola Valley School District, Uintah in Utah, and Gateway Prep in Utah, amongst others I am forgetting!)

  • Amanda Cadran
  • Nov 20 2017
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