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LearnTrials Reporting Enhancements

Based on product use/feedback:


  • Ability to duplicate custom questions from one trial set up to another (perhaps save a setup to deploy another time?) (Andover). 
  • Ability to see results longitudinally, to determine changes in attitude from one response to the next (Highlander)
  • Ability to group results by school, content area, grade level, etc. (Minnetonka, Highlander, KIPP, Andover, etc.)
  • Overall look and feel of the Trials reporting screen
  • The answer to custom questions should be viewable on Trials screen (not only by going through the product library).
  • I should be able to click on the side of the setup screen without it going away.
  • Addition of graphing to display results where appropriate
  • Ability to send a personalized communication to anyone (or specified custom groups) through the Trials interface - especially important when running pilots and multiple asks for feedback over a period of time.
    • This matters because someone could have responded to the first request, but not the third. Still, that person wouldn’t get a secondary notification because they would be considered a respondent.
  • Should be able to select multiple schools/users from the list (maybe we already can?)
  • It would be nice if there was a time between "less than one month" and "three to six months" for how long we have been using the product. (SVEF and Natick)
  • Ability to see a history of when engagement emails went out and to whom.
  • Amanda Cadran
  • Sep 5 2017
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  • Admin
    Archana Dharmavaram commented
    September 21, 2017 16:12

    May be have trials based filtering within the feedback report itself, and do away with the trials reporting.

    The trial reporting is more a operational report, how many, who, when etc? did they respond